Lessons Learned from Years with Texting

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The Benefits of Business Texting

Notably, there is an increase in the use of mobile phones which has led to an increase in the number of professionals using texting to convey business related information. Even workers use texts to communicate with colleagues and to contact prospects as well as customers. With this trend, it is critical and paramount that businesses start looking at business texting as way of expanding communication as well as revenues. Whereas you may not have thought about business texting, here are benefits you should know about it.

For one, it is much cheaper as means of communicating to the customers compared to other options such as phone calls and web chats. It is also more cost friendly in case of customer initiated conversations. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and therefore you can access and reach most of your customers through business testing. When you text your clients, it will be quite easy for them to get and read the message. The message will be delivered instantly.
With other means like emails, the customer may have to sit, log in to the account to access the message. While texting ensures that one gets the message immediately, most people take about 3 minutes to read texts. It also becomes easy to reply and give feedback with the use of business texting. We all move around with our phones to the point that we go with them to bed. This means that if you want to deliver a quick message to your customers, then business texting is the way.

Business texting also saves time since you can send a short message to communicate with your customers. As well, when you use texting, your customers will get the indication that you highly value your customers and your time. In this case, they will also ensure that they reply to texts instantly. Communication through texting is also flexible since customers have their phones most of the times. Sometimes, customers may want to be discreet about their business dealings; and this can be achieved when using text messaging. You can also have clear communication through text messages even if you are in noisy places.

Something that we may not have considered is that customers prefer the use text messages for communication. Research shows that those fond of texting friends and colleagues would prefer contact centers that have the texting option. However, not all businesses have embraced business texting. The reason many businesses fail to embrace the texting option is that it seems and appears informal, but customers love it for the reason. Well, all these benefits should encourage you to think about business texting and incorporate it in your communication strategies.

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